US Mint Coin Production Figures Fall in February 2011

by Coin Collecting News on March 18, 2011

Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter

The United States Mint produced fewer coins in February 2011 than in January 2011, according to published coin production figures recently released.

While it minted no Presidential dollars or Kennedy half dollars during the month, it did strike cents, nickels, dimes and quarters in the amount of 523,140,000 in total.

In contrast, coin production in January 2011 was at 764,730,000.

US Mint Coin Production Figures – February and YTD

Denver Philadelphia February Total YTD Total
Lincoln Cents 144,000,000 192,000,000 336,000,000 734,000,000
Jefferson Nickels 2,880,000 29,280,000 32,160,000 125,280,000
Roosevelt Dimes 29,000,000 62,500,000 91,500,000 221,500,000
Quarters 11,800,000 30,400,000 42,200,000 103,400,000
Kennedy 50c 0 0 0 3,450,000
Native American $1’s 13,440,000 7,840,000 21,280,000 27,580,000
Presidential $1 Coins 0 0 0 72,660,000
Total 201,120,000 322,020,000 523,140,000 1,287,870,000


As the above figures reflect, the Denver and Philadelphia Mints were most busy striking Lincoln cents. Their February total of 336 million represents 64.2% of all the coins produced for the month.

Native American $1 coins were produced for a second straight month. Their monthly production is not guaranteed. The US Mint must strike enough that they account for 20% of all dollar coins minted in a year. As such, their levels are bound to how many Presidential $1 coins are produced.

The pace in February 2011 was quicker than during the same period of a year ago, but then February 2010 was also the second slowest month of the year.

The US Mint coin production figures also revealed mintages for the Andrew Johnson Presidential $1 coins and the Gettysburg National Military Park Quarters. Their totals, shown below, were the lowest in either series to date.

Denver Philadelphia YTD Total
Gettysburg Quarters 30,800,000 30,400,000 61,200,000
Johnson Presidential $1 37,100,000 35,560,000 72,660,000


The Gettysburg Quarter mintages do have a chance to increase since the US Mint has a bulk purchase policy in place that enables businesses to order quarters that the Mint has stopped producing.

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