Mule Error with Sacagawea $1 Coin Reverse and Quarter Obverse To Be Sold

by Coin Collecting News on July 2, 2012

Stack’s Bowers Galleries has announced that it will be auctioning an error coin that has Sacagawea $1 coin reverse with an obverse of a Washington Statehood quarter.

Sacagawea Dollar / Washington Statehood quarter mule error

Sacagawea Dollar / Washington Statehood quarter mule error

Such coins with mismatched designs, known as mule errors, are highly sought for their uniqueness and rarity.

This particular type of mule error was first discovered in 2000, the year the Sacagawea $1 coin was introduced into American circulation.

"The example to be sold by Stack’s Bowers Galleries at the Official ANA Auction in August is attributed to Die Pair 1, and shows the characteristic die crack from the rim through the F in OF on the Sacagawea dollar side.

"The coin is a beautifully lustrous and brilliant Superb Gem, graded MS-67 by NGC, and displays lively rose and orange iridescence on both sides," a Stack’s Bowers Galleries press release states.

"Ranked #1 in the popular 2010 reference 100 Greatest U.S. Error Coins by Nick Brown, David Camire and Fred Weinberg, this lovely mini-dollar / quarter mule represents an important opportunity to acquire a highly coveted and rarely offered U.S. Mint error."

There are three known die pairs for this type of mule error, as described by Coin World.

Die Pair 1: The reverse for Die Pair 1 exhibits a die crack in the f in of in united states of america that is absent from the reverses from Die Pairs 2 and 3. The obverse exhibits numerous radial striations attributable to stresses involved during striking, resulting from the slight differences in size between the two dies. The discovery coin is from Die Pair 1.

Die Pair 2: Die Pair 2 exhibits a perfect obverse die, but a reverse that shows three noticeable die cracks: one each projecting from the rightmost points of the stars above the e of one and d of dollar and a third, curved die crack running along the wing directly above these two letters.

Die Pair 3
: For Die Pair 3, the obverse has been described as "fresh and frosty." The obverse of the Die Pair 3 coins shows just a hint of the radial lines found on the discovery example. A small die gouge appears in front of Washington’s lips. The reverse appears perfect and exhibits no die cracks.

Coin Auction on August 9, 2012

The mule error is scheduled for auction on Thursday, August 9, during the Rarities Night session at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia — home to the August 7-11 ANA Word’s Fair of Money show.

The first Sacagawea Dollar / Washington Statehood quarter mule error was discovered by Frank Wallis of Mountain Home, Arkansas in 2000. That year it was sold by Bowers and Merena for $29,900. There are now 13 known errors of the same type. One of them has reportedly been sold for $75,000.

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