First Spouse Coin Collecting Products End 2013

by Coin Collecting News on December 15, 2013

Four of the five coin collecting products that the United States will end 2013 with are those featuring former First Ladies.

Final 2013 First Spouse Coin Collecting Products

Four of the Mint’s remaining five products for 2013 feature First Spouses

Normally these products would have been issued earlier in the year but they were delayed due to production problems that sharply pushed back releases of all 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins.

Edith Wilson First Spouse Gold Coins

Two of the coin collecting products are uncirculated and proof First Spouse Gold Coins honoring Edith Wilson, the second wife of the 28th U.S. President, Woodrow Wilson.

Both gold coins are available at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time on Monday, December 16. The proof is $815 and the uncirculated is $795, though prices are based on a weekly average of gold and can change.

Coins of the 99.99% pure gold series always have an obverse portrait of the person honored. The portrait of Edith Wilson was created by David Westwood with its sculpting completed by Michael Gaudioso.

On the reverse is Joseph Menna’s design of Edith supporting her husband who had suffered a stroke. His right hand holds a cane, while her left hand rests warmly on his. Sculpting was also completed by Menna.

2013 First Spouse Bronze Medal Set

Also on Monday at noon, the US Mint will release its annual First Spouse Medal Set for $16.95.

This set has five 1-5/16-inch bronze medals with obverse and reverse designs that are replicas of the five 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins. They honor:

  • Ida McKinley,
  • Edith Roosevelt,
  • Helen Taft,
  • Ellen Wilson and
  • Edith Wilson

This product is the only means of getting the bronze medals featuring the First Ladies besides ordering each of the five Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medals Sets.

Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medals Sets

The 2013 Presidential $1 Coin & Spouse Medal Set for the Woodrow and Edith Wilson goes on sale Thursday, December 19, for $9.95.

Inside the display card is a:

  • an uncircualted Woodrow Wilson Presidential $1 Coin and
  • an Edith Wilson bronze medal

The card holding the two pieces has portraits of the two along with their signatures.

Where to Order

To order any of these coin collecting products, visit the US Mint website at or visit its First Spouse page right here.

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