2013 Limited Edition Set Offers Popular Silver Coins

by Coin Collecting News on December 14, 2013

Out this week from the United States Mint is the 2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. Released on the 12th, this specially designed set for coin collectors has seven silver coins composed in 90% silver and one in 99.9% silver.

2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

The latter is the Mint’s most popular silver coin, the 2013 Proof American Silver Eagle. It has been sold by itself and released annually since 1986 with this year’s individual option selling out in November with last reported sales of 865,512. This silver coin was produced at the US Mint facility in West Point and has a mint mark of ‘W’.

The other silver coins of the limited edition set include those found within the annual Silver Proof Set, which is still available from the Mint and has current sales of 389,857. Coin are the:

  • Kennedy half-dollar,
  • Roosevelt dime and the
  • five 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters honoring White Mountain National Forest (New Hampshire), Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial (Ohio), Great Basin National Park (Nevada), Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine (Maryland), and Mount Rushmore National Memorial in (South Dakota).

These silver coins were produced at the US Mint facility in San Francisco and have mint marks of ‘S’.

What makes the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set stand out for collectors is its packaging which enables attractive viewing of all eight coins. For some, it could make an ideal gift.

On the downside, this coin collecting product is more pricey at $139.95. The annual Silver Proof Set is still available from the US Mint for $53.95. While the individual proof American Silver Eagle is no longer sold, it is also within the Mint’s 2013 Congratulations Set and is available for $54.95. In other words, you can buy these two particular coin collecting products, spend $31 less and have the same silver coins that are within the set.

This is the second year of release for the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. Last year’s set sold out with sales of 50,169. This year’s set has a limit of 50,000.

To order the new set, visit the US Mint at www.usmint.gov.

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