2010 ATB 5-Ounce Silver Coins Commanding Huge Prices

by Coin Collecting News on January 11, 2011

Mount Hood National Park Silver Bullion Coin

The debuting 2010 America the Beautiful Silver Coins are commanding enormous prices in the secondary market.

The 5-ounce bullion coins were released by the US Mint on December 10 and its network of Authorized Purchasers ordered all 165,000 of them by December 23.

Finding sources to buy the coins from is difficult because of the low 33,000 mintage per each design and because most of the Authorized Purchasers are yet to offer them.

Many of the AP’s are still working on the logistics of re-selling the new three-inch diameter silver coins. Some have let at least a portion of their inventory go as a few have made their way into the secondary market where collectors are, apparently eagerly, handing out huge sums of money to acquire single and 5-coin sets.

The AP’s, who are the only ones allowed to purchase bullion products directly from the US Mint, paid $9.75 per coin plus the value of their silver value at the time of purchase. (Read about the terms and conditions Authorized Purchasers must follow to order the coins from the Mint.) Given the time frame of when the 2010 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins were released and then sold out, the Mint received around $160-$170 for each. Once purchased, the AP’s can resell them for up to 10% more to individuals who then are free to do with them as they choose. Some early buyers have made the decision to make a profit by selling.

On eBay, America the Beautiful coin prices have been ranging from an average of around $400 for single coins to about $2,200 for a set of five of each 2010 design. Graded coins are going for substantially more at auction, with one five-coin set in MS69 realizing nearly $6,500.

On January 11, "Buy It Now" eBay prices for singles were at the $675 level for ungraded strikes. 5-coin sets ranged from a low of $2,500 for ungraded to $4,295 for NGC Gem Uncirculated. A NGC MS69 set was listed for $6,995.

TV shopping shows are offering them as well, but at steeper prices. Sets of five are listed for prices ranging from $3,500 to $4,800.

The five 2010 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins include strikes honoring Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas; Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming; Yosemite National Park in California; Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, and Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon.

The US Mint announced it would release collector uncirculated versions of these coins in early 2011. These the Mint will sell directly to the public. 27,000 have been minted for each of the give 2010 designs.

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Michael January 14, 2011 at 8:42 am

Some may only wish to collect the 5oz bullion coins, but it seems the 2nd and 3rd markets has put it out of the reach of many. I know I can not afford to spend $3,000-$6,000 on these collectables. Thank you profiteers. They are worth no more than $200.

alan sexton January 18, 2011 at 9:08 pm

I would love to buy the 5oz coins but where? on a secondary market with a up charge of 10 times the orginal amount – I think it should be first come first serve, not this AP’s or other outfits – they get first divs not he average consumer, not fair – I know it seems like I am crying the blue’s, they just mark the coins up over 500 % on what they paid for them. what a rip off/to the comsumer. just allow the coin to come on the market just like any other coin through the mint web site … would love to have the coins for my collection but I will not pay the 500 % up charge because AP’s get them first. what a joke

Bill January 21, 2011 at 9:54 am

The US mint should not be selling to a middle man. First of all, it gives the appearance of the US mint being a wholesaler. Secondly, it also gives the appearance of the US mint building a future camaraderie of business partners. Third, it really just sends a signal to the tax payer and collector that the US mint is now conducting itself as a brokerage firm. I’m really surprise by the whole event. For me, it just makes me shun away from ever buying from a Authorized Purchasers (even the name, AP is a put-down to the average person).

Jordan January 23, 2011 at 2:06 pm

I don’t understand what the big hold up is for these AP’s to release these coins to the general public for purchase. The Mint has made it clear, that they can’t charge more than 10% profit, can’t sell more than 1 set per person/household, and can’t charge outrageous shipping/handling charges.

What could the AP’s possibly be working out with logistics? Have they never sold a product before this?

This is a huge hoax, the AP’s are filling their selling list with close friends who will in turn sell them back at the same price. Then the AP’s will charge the $2000-3000 dollar premium that you’re seeing on eBay, and say they got them 2nd hand.

The general public will never see a set for less than $1000, as originally hoped for.

I’m very disappointed with the US Mint on this occasion, I’m also disappointed with APMEX.com, for constantly saying they’ll have them up for sale this week, this week, this week, but never actually get them up for sale. APMEX already told me that they have them in hand. Then what’s the hold up, limit 1 per household/credit card/person and ship them out already!

MGK April 17, 2011 at 12:12 pm

2010 ATB 3″5oz Prices

1.MTB of NY $930 shipped

2.Fidelitrade of DE $930 shipped

3.The Gold Center of Ill $975 shipped

4. A-Mark of CA $975 shipped ((Slabed PCGS F/S Gem BU ))

5. Apmex of OK $860 shipped ((Second Round of sales Slabbed PCGS F/S BU or Better)) $980 Shipped C/C $1,008.75 Shipped

6. Jack Hunt of NY $949 shipped ((If your Check was lost you got a PCGS MS-68 Set))

7. Dillon Gage of TX $937 shipped ((Second round of sales included two A.S.E.)) $1,025 Shipped

8. Prudential of NY $862.70 + S/H ((Storage Complicated ordering processes))

9. Coins-N-Things of MASS $930 + $170 ((For $6 Face Value in 90% Silver 12 Barber Half’s))= $1100 shipped

10.Scotia Mocatta of NY ((No participation))

11.Commerzbank of NY ((No participation))

First day of sale’s 12/3/2010 Silver Spot $29.00 4/15/2011 Silver Spot $43.00

The Mints Nine Authorized Purchaser’s Sold Out of there 2010 allotments on April 25th 2011 in order to acquire there 2011 allotments.

2010-P 3″5oz Hot Springs ((Numismatic Version)) Launches April 28th Mintage 27 K Price $279 each

Steven October 21, 2011 at 12:22 pm

The joke is going to be on the APs because the bullion version is going to get left in their hands when the Numismatics come out.The vaper blast mat finish is going to be highly sought after and everyone who ran out and bought the bullions are going to be sick. And the APs won’t be able to give them away.

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